KingRoot apk

KingRoot is one of the powerful Android Rooting tool which is free to get your Android Devices Rooted. There are two version available in KingRoot one is the KingRoot Pc version and the other one is the KingRoot apk version. The apk version of the KingRoot is fastest and productive Rooting tool of all and it is one-click performed. Also the KingRoot apk supports the most verities of Android Devices compare to other Rooting tools. KingRoot even Root the Devices which fails Rooting with some other Rooting tools. KingRoot also regularly provides updates to make it compatible with more and more Android Devices.


You can download free KingRoot.apk for Android and KingRoot.exe for PC here.


What makes KingRoot stands UNIQUE

  • KIngRoot is the most downloaded and most popular Rooting tool for Android
  • This is the most trusted Rooting tool
  • The Rooting tool supports the maximum amount of Android Supports more than 104136 models.
  • KingRoot gives frequent updates to support the latest Android Devices on the market.
  • Has the highest success rate of 98.2%. Probably the highest success rate compare with all the other Rooting


KingRoot apk – How to use on Android?

  • Download the KingRoot apk into your Android Device
  • Open KingRoot apk with your file manager and install it,
  • If the device shows you Installation Blocked then go to,
    (Settings > Security > here tick the Unknown Sources box)
  • After installation is done, now open the KingRoot App
  • In the KIngRoot App window, there will be one button Displayed “START ROOT”. Click this button to start Rooting
  • Now it will take some time to get your Android Device Rooted.
  • If the Rooting is success, you will see the screen shows “ROOTED”.
  • For further confirmation, you can check it with Root checker App which is available on the Google Play Store

If you have any issues, please let us know it through the comment section.

Also see our KingRoot Supported Device list




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